Importance of social media marketing

We don’t need to explain to you how social media is booming. If you’re anything like the majority of the world, you’re on social media every day. It seems like a missed opportunity for businesses not to be utilising social media as an aspect of their dental marketing campaign.

What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to gain user engagement by creating targeted content suitable for each platform. It’s essential to keep in mind that each social media platform is unique: what may work on Facebook is not guaranteed to be as effective on Tik Tok.

An essential aspect of social media marketing is understanding your target audience and getting a grasp on how they use each social media platform. You want to tailor your content and strategy for each platform.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing is a great way to directly reach your target audience on the platform they use to interact with other people and businesses. You can use it to increase brand awareness and to get more people talking about your business.

Social media marketing can also allow you a unique opportunity to interact with your patients directly. Building rapport with your audience can foster a deeper connection to your patients and encourage repeat customers who want to come back to your clinic again and again.

Social media marketing quick tips

  • Keep an eye on what’s trending, but don’t go overboard. It can be beneficial to stay up to date with trends but be wary of jumping onto every single online trend you see.
  • Try video content: don’t feel the need to stick to text or picture based content. Try experimenting with video, or make use of Live Video content offered by platformslike Facebook and Instagram.
  • Be personal: use social media to connect on a more personal level with your patients. Ask questions and respond to comments to engage with your audience.
  • Share informative/valuable content. As a dental clinic, you may want to use your platform to inform your audience. Give tips on dental hygiene, and your audience may share the content around their circles.

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