How to get a competitive edge

You’ve probably heard the question, “What’s your unique selling proposition?”. In other words, why should a new patient choose you over your competitor?

This is something every dentist should understand before planning their digital marketing strategy. If you don’t know the answer to this question, how is your marketing going to communicate it to prospective patients?


To be clear, not all patients are chasing price or the “cheapest dentist” in town. So, this is where your competitive edge comes in – to build value so the price is less important.

“A competitive advantage is what makes you better than the competition in your customers’ minds.”

Think about the businesses or providers you’re using now. This could be your supplier or maybe your insurance company. There is a reason you choose to keep going back, whether that competitive edge is something as simple as proximity or pricing, or maybe it’s their value of service that attracts you to use them. The same goes for finding a dentist. Your dental practice must achieve a similar competitive edge to win more new patients in your community.

Once you have completed identifying your competitive edge, it’s time to market your practice by working smarter, not harder.

It all starts with:

  • A high-converting patient-centric website and landing page.
  • A dynamic presence on social media outlets.
  • A Strong social media add campaign
  • A robust team that follows up with all the leads and converts them into patients

We can take all the hard work out for you with our Digital Marketing expertise for dentists. All you need is to want to make this year your best ever in production.