The Awful Truth About Online Marketing for Dentists

(Why Choosing the Right Company Will Make or Break Your Practice)

No longer is being a good dentist enough to guarantee a steady stream of patients and a strong, vibrant practice.

Those days are gone. They are never coming back.

And the reality is…

As you read this, your local competitors are actively plotting to steal your patients.

And every local area has a small number of dentists for a finite number of potential patients – only ONE practice will dominate a local area. So you have to choose the RIGHT company with a proven track record in dental marketing, who understands the nuances of the local market.

It makes your choice of marketing company to partner with EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

If you want to be the dominator and remain the dominator, you’re in the right place.

We specialise in working ONLY with dentists.

We do this by helping you market online more effectively with a tailored strategy to suit your location and business size. Local online marketing goes way beyond general SEO.

We call this your Local Online Domination Blueprint.

And it comprises…

Local map search optimization

Website built for NOW not 2010 which means mobile design FIRST and a dedicated mobile website

Focused and dedicated Social Media strategy

Regular multi-media content

Reputation Management

New patient acquisition strategies

Heatmap tracking, Google analytics, tracking and webmaster monitoring tools And above all a CALL CENTER that will contact your leads and book them into your daily appointment schedule

We do all of this and a whole lot more, based on what’s CURRENT now and where the attention span of your patients is which is unlike many agencies who still market like it’s 2005!